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Mothers Day Gift

May 10th will be here before you know it – do you have a Mothers Day gift picked out for that special pet mama in your life?  How about a queen for your queen!  You'll never find a more unique gift than a Renaissance Pet Portrait. Portrait of the Month - Queen...

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Pet Photography – Ten Tips

Here are a ten pet photography tips: Whether you’re ordering a portrait from me and need photos to provide for the project, or you just want to capture a great shot of your beloved pet... 1. Focus on Your Pet’s Unique Personality - Before you start photographing your...

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Napoleon Dog-a-farte – Pet Portrait of the month

Napoleon Dogafarte - Starring Zeb Reigning cats and dogs... When it's reigning cats and dogs... and you're one of those pet owners who has a Dog-tator or an Aristo-cat who rules the house then this is the perfect portrait for you! No other leader has quite the...

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Willing the Wonder Dog – Three Legged Dog with Style

Willing the Wonder Dog  - The Laughing Cavalier Willing the Wonder-Dog, an amazing three legged dog, is the perfect contender for this painting by Frans Hals called "The Laughing Cavalier."  This friendly Pit Bull rescue dog laughs in the face of adversity.  He is a...

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Cat Portrait Painting of the Week

Heralda as Marie Antoinette - Cat Portrait Painting of the Month Cat Portrait Painting of the Week - Heralda Heralda struck me right away as a cat queen.  I chose Marie-Antoinette as her Renaissance match for the cat portrait painting I made. Marie Antoinette, queen...

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ArchiBald – Rescue Dog – Pet Portrait of the Week

ArchiBald - Bald is Beautiful (Story of a Rescue Dog) Archibald and his human mom Janet’s story is a beautiful example of how a rescue dog can change lives!  ArchiBald is a rescued American Hairless Terrier mixed with Dachshund, or possibly Chinese Crested.  When...

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My Pet Portrait Blog – How it all Began

Pawsitively Pet Portrait Blog Number 1 Welcome to my very first pet portrait blog post! If anyone told me that I would be photographing pets for pet portraits and photoshopping them into Renaissance paintings even three years ago I would have thought they were crazy....

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