Pet Portrait FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my portrait?
Yes!   You can ask for any special requests and we’ll do our best to make your portrait exactly the way you want it.
Can the portraits have people in them instead of pets?
Sure!  Instead of a dog or cat we’re happy to make a Renaissance portrait of your child, partner, mom, dad, etc…

You can also have us make a portrait with a pet and an owner together.  Choose Multiple Pet Portraits for this option.

Can you make a pet Portrait with more than one pet?
Yes! Go here to order our multiple pet portraits options
Can I choose a painting for the background that I don't see in your shop?
Yes!  As long as the painting does not have copyright restrictions feel free to suggest any painting. Typically, 70 years after the artist dies the work goes into the public domain and we can use it.
How long does it take to receive the finished portrait?
Once we receive your order and your valid uploaded images we will have a preview ready for you within 3-7 business days. Once all final changes and requested edits are complete and you have confirmed the final preview we will print and ship the piece within 2 days.

We ship USPS first class which generally takes 2-5 business days (longer for international orders)

Let us know if you need your order rushed and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Are my photos good enough for you to use?
What is most important is that the image is not blurry, fuzzy or pixilated, and that there is good lighting on the pet and that it is an unobstructed view of their face. You can always send me a few images and I’ll let you know if they work or not.  See our guide for examples of good and bad photos HERE
Can I get a preview before I order?
No.  Making your preview is the bulk of the artistic work – This is what you are paying for.  But once you order you’ll receive a preview and we are happy to make any changes you request till you are satisfied with the final piece.
Can you make the hands in a painting into paws?
Yes – In order to do that we’ll just need you to use the uploader to send in additional photo close-ups of your pet’s paws.
What sizes do you print on?
We have standard size options that you will see in the drop-down menu when you order.  These include 8×10″ 12×18″, 16×24″ and 24×36″.  If you need a special custom size please contact us and we’ll print it for you at whatever size you need.

Don’t see your question answered here?  Contact us HERE with any inquiries

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