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My Story

I started out as a painter only later to discover photography in the digital age. When I stopped painting in the 90's and no longer had a big studio to work in I needed another outlet for my creativity and discovered the advantage of photography and photoshop - something I could do in a small space without even getting my hands dirty (though I do admit I like to get my hands dirty too!). Ever since then there's been no looking back... with Photoshop I was able to create fantastical worlds where reality and fantasy blended seamlessly.


For many years I worked as a photographer showing my work in galleries and art festivals. Then online shopping took off! Online, I found a new outlet for my passion. I began by selling my own artistic photographs. One day I was playing around with a photo of my friends pet and ended up making the first Renaissance Pet Portrait. Now I'm making pet portraits almost every day and shipping them to all corners of the globe!

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