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We base all of our portraits on the pet photo you provide, so it’s very important that the photos you send us are good quality. Not sure what makes a good image? Read below!


* Before going to print I will make any reasonable requested changes (this does not include using a completely different photograph or painting so be sure and only send me photographs that you want me to use and choose the painting that you really want otherwise I will have to charge for additional time or an additional order)

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Thanks for submitting!

If you have any trouble using the uploader you can always email your images directly to:

Good Pictures

  • High Resolution

  • Forward Facing

  • Good Lighting

  • Face Fully Visible

  • Close up photos work best!

If your dog is solid black or white, you'll especially want to make sure that the features of their face are clearly visible.


Additionally, for portraits that showcase 'hands,' I will photoshop paws. In these cases please  include a picture of your pet's paws if possible otherwise I will use stock photos of paws that I will try my best to match but may not be the exact color or pattern of your pet. 

Bad Pictures

  • Poor Lighting

  • Too Pixilated

  • Ear Cropped Off

  • Bad Angle

  • Blurry photo

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